The Outstanding Nursery Programme

John and Deborah bought Scamps Day Nursery in Macclesfield in 2011.

At the time the nursery was barely making any profit and struggling to keep its head above water. The nursery had been in operation for over 20 years and was located in a small town with lots of other nurseries for competition. For those in the nursery world, this is a familiar story.

What isn’t familiar though is that twelve months after the acquisition, the nurseries profit had increased by over £75,000. The nursery was no longer fighting to survive and was starting to flourish. The business continued to grow steadily over the next few years and eight years and two months after buying the nursery for £150,000, John and Deborah sold Scamps to a major nursery chain for £4.5 million.

We believe our success was built on



Building a stable and profitable financial structure.



Have something you believe in and are passionate about, and that separates you from the competition.



Develop a culture that makes your staff proud to work at the nursery- you cannot do it without them.



Have a detailed plan for every room for every day of the year and systemise your entire operation.



Have a management team who rigouresly implement the daily plans and follow the systems.



Love your children, your customers and your staff.


How we
can help you

The Outstanding Nursery Programme takes you through every area of your business in great detail and shares the ‘operating system’ of the nursery so you can replicate it and replicate our success.

So what do you get? – everything we know and everything we have done. From the financial structure that can make the difference between success and failure, to the systems and processes that ensured that every day at our nursery was great.

But we need to be absolutely clear. To do what we have done takes determination, hard work and the ability to execute the plans and take your staff with you.

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